Automotive Care Tips

Washing your car regularly in the winter will help reduce the chance road salt will accumulate causing excessive rusting.

Synthetic oils allow you to extend the amount of time between oil changes while protecting your engine better.

Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires will increase your gas mileage.

Warming your engine for a couple of minutes in the winter will help to reduce excessive wear on your engine.

Driving with your tailgate down on a pickup or replacing the solid tailgate with a cargo net will decrease gas mileage.


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Car & Light Truck Repair

Our Focus Is Getting You Back On The Road


Welcome to IAMotive R.M. We are committed to providing you with a quality, custom tailored service experience each and every time you have an automotive repair or maintenance need.

Always current with technology, we look ahead toward new products, tools and techniques in automotive repair and service. The better the service we are able to provide to you, the longer you can keep your vehicle on the road with fewer breakdowns and costly repairs.

Our standard services are of the highest quality, using the best parts, fluids and products available. On occasion everyone has a need for more economical repair services, we can meet that need as well. We will do our best to adapt to your budget providing you with the best service options available within your budget. We simply are not satisfied until you are.


Any Make - Any Model - Any Year


We Service Domestic and Import Models.At IAMotive R.M. we are qualified to work on your vehicle. We handle both domestic and import vehicles . . . no need to drive to the nearest dealership in the Twin Cities or Saint Cloud. Have the work done right here in Hutchinson.

Our skilled technician has the specialized tools, training and skills needed to successfully diagnose and repair your vehicle.


Synthetic Fluids


Synthetic Fluids offered by IAMotive R.M.A Better Alternative to Petroleum Products

Technology has provided high tech alternatives to the old petroleum based lubricants of the past. Today's synthetic fluids offer better protection coupled with longer life allowing you to go longer between fluid changes.

The Science Behind Synthetics

Petroleum based lubricants and fluids are refined from crude oil, which contains many contaminants. Synthetic base lubricants and fluids are manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components instead of whole crude oil, they are able to achieve a much higher performance level. They are chemically engineered products that are specifically designed for their function and are far more stable than their refined petroleum counterparts.


Custom Fabrication & Repair


Do you have a custom fabrication project that is too small for a commercial shop?

  • You need a custom part manufactured for a repair project
  • You have an idea for a new tool or gadget and need a prototype built
  • You need something welded

Bring your broken parts, new ideas or other custom fabrication projects to us. Sometimes you just don't need a commercial fabrication shop to complete your project.