About IAMotive R.M.
Superior customer service aimed at getting your car or light truck back on the road. When you want a skilled mechanic you can trust, IAMotive R.M. is the automotive repair shop for you.

IAMotive R.M. Shop is located at 20489 Highway 15 N in Hutchinson, MN 55350SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Our goal is to get you back on the road and driving safely. We want your automobile service experience with IAMotive R.M. to exceed expectations and provide you with comfort knowing that your car or light truck has received the highest quality parts and automobile repair service possible.


We will visit with you about how we can customize your service experience to fit your needs. Often spending more on repairs now will decrease your total cost of operation over time. We understand that budgeting concerns or the age of your vehicle will influence repair strategies lending strength to lower cost repairs for short term benefits.

  • Long Term Cost Of Operation Spending more on repairs now will help to reduce the total cost of operation for your vehicle over its lifetime.
  • Short Term Cost Of Repairs Sometimes the budget, age or overall condition of your vehicle just doesn't allow for expensive repairs but you still need to get your car on the road.


We are qualified to work on your vehicle whether it is domestic or import. We have the specialized tools, equipment and knowledge to provide you with the same high quality automotive repair and maintenance services for both your domestic and import vehicles.


Updates to on-board computer software, synthetic fluids, parts and general automotive design increase the life of your vehicle and change when and how maintenance and repairs need to be completed. We look to the future and keep ourselves up-to-date with new products, tools and techniques in the automotive repair and service industry. 


Synthetic fluids offer great benefits to your vehicle, your pocket book and environment. The high quality synthetic fluids we use help to extend the life of moving parts, decrease the frequency of fluid changes which has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste to deal with.

Please explore our online catalog for Amsoil, Schaeffer's and Castrol product offerings. We do not offer online sales at this time. When you find something you would like to purchase, stop by our shop.


Ryan Messner | Owner Mechanic | IAMotive R.M. | Hutchinson, MN 55350Owner and primary auto mechanic, Ryan Messner, has had a life long fascination with machines. His mechanical interests started at the age of 7.

Ryan pursued an education in machine shop, tool & die and fabrication. From there he enlisted in the United States Air Force where he served as an aircraft crew chief. As the crew chief he was responsible to have a working knowledge of all mechanical systems on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt.

During his enlistment with the Air Force, Ryan's love for cars led him to become a dealer in synthetic lubricants. After the air force, Ryan began working on automotive projects which led home to open his own automotive repair shop, IAMotive R.M.

Since that time IAMotive R.M. has grown and continues to evolve with the times to meet both general and niche automotive needs in the Hutchinson, Minnesota area. He offers:

  • Computerized Diagnostics
  • Automobile Maintenance
  • Automotive Repair
  • Special Performance Tuning
  • Classic Car Service and Repair
  • Custom Welding & Fabrication
  • Dealer In Synthetic Automotive Fluids


Schedule your appointment with a mechanic that takes pride in offering the highest quality service, parts and materials available. 320-583-3735

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