Computerized Diagnostics
Is your car trying to tell you something? Whether your "Check Engine Soon" light is on or you are just noticing a change in the way your car handles or performs . . . computerized diagnostics help to point the finger in the right direction.

Computer diagnostics help to keep your car running at peak performance. | IAMotive R.M. | Ryan MessnerSELF MONITORING SYSTEMS

Modern vehicles are amazing in what they are capable of doing. Using on-board computers your car's electronic control system monitors the operating parameters of every component. It compares the gathered data to known expected readings and records diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) when anything falls outside of expected parameters.

The DTC cannot tell the technician if a particular part has gone bad, it can only tell them that something on a specific circuit caused an unexpected reading. Further investigation is required.


While the electronic control system is a big help in diagnosing issues with your vehicle, the skill and training of the technician working on your car is just as important.

To properly diagnose the problem, a technician will start with the DTC, from that an investigation begins. The technician may perform additional tests by interfacing directly with the electronic control system and monitoring "real time" data. Other mechanical checks that involve "old fashioned" tools and mechanical skills may be necessary to further diagnose the problem. Experience plays a huge roll in successfully diagnosing any problem with your vehicle.


Our technicians have the latest equipment and diagnostic software available. They are highly skilled and well trained to diagnose and repair any mechanical issue that your vehicle may experience.

Your vehicles operating parameters change with time.

Having the latest software isn't restricted to only the repair shop, your car needs to have your software updated from time to time as well. As your car ages so will its performance. Updated electronic control system software will take into account age and other factors that will change the expected operating parameters of your vehicle's components. With these software updates you may also benefit from improvements to the software in general.

  • One example may be an update in the software for better controlling your car's cruise control improving both performance and fuel efficiency.


If you are noticing something isn't quite right about your car call call and schedule a computer diagnostic appointment. 320-583-3735


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