Custom Welding & Fabrication
A small shop for your small repairs and custom welding needs. Allow us to put our custom welding and fabrication skills to use for you.

Custom welding, fabrication, equipment repair and prototype development. IAMotive R.M. | Hutchinson, MN 55350REPAIRING BROKEN OR DAMAGED PARTS AND EQUIPMENT

You have a broken or damaged part on your farm equipment, mower, trailer or other piece of equipment that is no longer available. When you are working around the house it can be frustrating. When running a business it can be frustrating and costly causing down-time and lost revenue.

  • CUSTOM WELDING  Often a simple weld can repair your broken equipment and get you up and running again.

  • CUSTOM FABRICATING NEW PARTS  When welding a broken part just won't solve the problem you may need custom fabricating services in order to replace parts that are no longer available or hard to find.

  • PROTOTYPE FOR A NEW TOOL OR GADGET  Perhaps you have an idea for a new tool or gadget and you need to have a prototype made.

Going to a commercial machine shop is likely to be cost prohibitive. They are geared toward helping large companies with their tooling and custom fabrication needs. Odds are you don't even show up on their radar. Thankfully you have a friend that can help.

We can repair your broken or damaged parts as well as equipment, or fabricate a new part if needed. We can also help you with your new invention by taking your concept and creating a working prototype.


We have become a throw away society, instead of repairing our stuff we simply toss it in the garbage and buy new. Extending the life of your equipment may be as simple as a quick weld or fabricating a replacement part at a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece of equipment.

We can weld most materials including steel, aluminum, cast iron, iron and stainless steel.

  • Mower Deck
  • Dock
  • Mower Attachments
  • Trailers
  • Forklift Attachments
  • Tractors
  • Hay Wagons
  • Hitches
  • Dump Trucks
  • Garden Trowel
  • Snow Blower


" I needed to repair a broken support bracket on my tow-behind lawn sweeper. Every repair I attempted failed. The part was made of aluminum and naturally replacement parts are not available. Ryan was able to weld the part for me and the sweeper works as good as ever.

He also helped me by making a custom part for our outdoor fireplace. The spark arrestor had rusted away leaving us with a rather sad looking and potentially dangerous chimney. Ryan was able to duplicate the part and greatly extend the life of our outdoor fireplace."



We enjoy a good challenge. Call IAMotive R.M. when you have a need for custom welding, equipment and part repair or prototype development.   320-583-3735

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Custom Welding & Fabrication

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