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We’re proud of the auto parts and lubricants we put into our customers’ cars and trucks. We keep their engines running right with fittings and hoses by Finish Line Factory, and quality lubricants by Castrol, Schaeffer’s, and Amsoil.

We believe everyone deserves to repair and maintain their vehicles with the same high-grade products the pros use. That’s why IAMotive R.M. sells our industry’s best motor oil and car parts in Hutchinson, MN.

We keep a large inventory of car products onsite. We welcome you to stop by our shop any weekday between 8 am and 4 pm to pick up whatever you need. If you’re an experienced mechanic yourself and already know exactly what you need, we’ll have it ready for you. If you’re not sure which kind of part or which grade of oil you need for your vehicle, we’ll be happy to help you.

Amsoil provides the synthetic lubricant our shop uses for premium oil changes. Their fully synthetic lubricants deliver unparalleled wear protection, fuel efficiency, and engine cleanliness – the ultimate investment in your engine.

Schaeffer’s oils are formulated to enhance engine durability and provide fuel economy benefits. Their heat-resistant lubricants excel at preventing sludge buildup, reducing friction, and getting too thick in the cold.

Adapters, caps, plugs, clamps, brackets, filters, hoses, hose ends, heat protection, tubing, couplers, valves, washers, O-rings, and weld bungs. If your engine needs it to purr like a kitten, Finish Line Factory provides

Castrol’s wide selection of economical yet dependable motor oils can keep any vehicle’s engine well-lubricated and protected against the elements.

Contact IAMotive R.M. today to learn more about our selection of parts and motor oil.



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